About Our Business

Blazing Star Staffing was created to satisfy a growing labor need in the hospitality industry.   Many clients reach out to Blazing Star :

1)  To supplement their work force to meet the demands placed on staffing

2)  A need to improve productivity and guest scores

3)  Outsource the labor content of their operations, and receive the total benefits of using Blazing Star both operationally and financially

We developed a hybrid of the traditional temporary staff agency and the employee leasing model; a temporary agency seemed too expensive and necessitated constant training and the employee leasing concept seemed like it was too rigid for our changing needs and seasonality. 

Blazing Star Staffing uses  a more permanent team member, whose hours we could fluctuate with the needs of the business.

In addition, we set a pricing schedule that fit every situation and in most cases was a less costly alternative to hiring.  We offer a one price structure, that is totally inclusive. Blazing Star handles all payroll, taxes and the appropriate insurances, thereby reducing your total net cost of hiring an employee. In calculating your net cost, you must include the following; taxes, (Federal and State), Payroll and H.R. processing costs, and Company Benefits.

In addition there are many intangible benefits and cost savings using Blazing Star.  We encourage you to email us for a full explanation of these additional savings. Blazing Star Staffing strives to keep your costs the same or lower than hiring an associate yourself. 

In businesses where there is a high turnover percentage, our business model is perfect.  Janitorial or custodial firms benefit greatly by having their positions filled so operation managers can concentrate on the quality of their product, rather than reacting to an ongoing absenteeism problem.  Reducing employee turnover is major component to improving productivity and guest scores. By using Blazing Star Staffing you will see both benefits. 

Hotel and resort management teams have embraced this type of staffing model due to the focus we place on providing your business with an exceptional associate, without the burden of direct employment.  The hospitality industry is known for experiencing "highs and lows" in their business cycle.  This makes it very challenging to build and maintain a core staff.   We can become this "flexible" part of your staff, adjusting staffing levels as your business dictates.

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